Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Optimizing SQL TOP queries (REPOST from geekswithblogs.net)

Here's an interesting article on optimizing queries using Top statement
to filter result sets: Why SQL Top may slow down your query?
The solutions are the following:
1. using Hash joins
 FROM [Articles]  
  INNER HASH JOIN CategoryCountry2Articles  
 ON [Articles].Id = CategoryCountry2Articles.IdArticle  
  INNER HASH JOIN CountryCategories  
 ON CountryCategories.Id = CategoryCountry2Articles.IdCountry  
  INNER HASH JOIN CategoryCity2Articles  
 ON [Articles].Id = CategoryCity2Articles.IdArticle  
  INNER HASH JOIN CityCategories  
 ON CityCategories.Id = CategoryCity2Articles.IdCity  
 WHERE CountryCategories.Name = 'country1'  
 AND CityCategories.Name = 'city4'  
2. Using Variables.
 DECLARE @topCount INT  
 SET @topCount = 5  
 SELECT TOP (@topCount)  
I am pretty much interested why using variables is much faster. Compared with other findings that variables slow your queries:
a. Parameter Sniffing Stored Procedures
b. Sql server query fast but slow from procedure
c. Why SQL Server go slow when using variables
d. SQL 2008 row number slow with variables



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