Tuesday, July 24, 2018

jQueryUI Datepicker works only once in ASP.NET MVC Partial View

Lately while working in an ASP.NET MVC project, i encountered a problem that when I load a partial view for the first time, the jQueryUI DatePicker shows up. However after loading the partial view for the second time and so on, the DatePicker does not show up. I've tried several approaches and solutions presented in the net. And the fix that worked on my end was to: 1. Change the id of the textbox control to which the DatePicker has been initialized to something unique.     
txtAddHireDate for add partial view     
txtEditHireDate for edit partial view
2. Remove the referencing of the jquery and jqueryUI library of each partial view and transferred them to Index.cshtml(Index.cshtml loads these partial views).

That's it.


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